The Dry Land

August 25, 2010 By: MIFS Team

A man’s fight in his own terrain Ryan O’nan, America Ferrera, Melissa Leo,Wilmer Valderrama, Jason Ritter Watch trailer

Solo Quiero Caminar

August 25, 2010 By: MIFS Team

A thriller starring Diego Luna and Jose Maria Yazpik Watch trailer

Tropico De Sangre

August 25, 2010 By: MIFS Team

Michelle Rodriguez & Juan Fernandez star in this film based on the true story of the Mirabal sisters Watch Trailer

In Therapy

August 25, 2010 By: MIFS Team

A Brazilian comedy starring Lilia Cabral and Jose Mayer Watch Trailer

Chasing 3000

August 25, 2010 By: MIFS Team

A family film about Roberto Clemente starring Ray Liotta and Rory Culkin Watch Trailer

The Kid: Chamaco

August 25, 2010 By: MIFS Team

A bi-lingual drama about a Mexican boxer starring Martin Sheen, Alex Parea, and Michael Madsen Watch trailer

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August 25, 2010 By: MIFS Team

Mexican thriller starring Jimmy Smits, Ana de la Reguera, and Joaquin Cosio.

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Rule #11- Maya Indie Film Series, (MIFS) how to engage a new audience

August 21, 2010 By: MIFS Team

Aurora is serving a prison sentence for a robbery gone wrong. Her accomplices, Ana, her sister, Gloria and Paloma, are four women for whom life has not been easy. For Ana especially, a prostitute with a lust for money, accepting the marriage proposal of Felix, a dangerous and powerful Mexican drug trafficker, is a no-brainer. She moves with him to Mexico and endures both physical and emotional abuse, all while plotting to take a bite out Felix’s highly lucrative business dealings. With Aurora’s stretch in prison coming to an end, and with Gloria and Paloma already in Mexico, Ana finally has the crew she needs to hit back at Felix and his gang. A double-assault: money and revenge. Together the four women are ready for their lucky strike!

I went to see this film this week while the amazing Maya Indie Film Series visited NYC, and I have to say it is the best film I’ve seen all year. I’m a film buff, so when offered the opportunity to support the project the Maya Indie Film Series through my business, Social Media PR, Marketing and building a ‘buzz’ I welcomed the chance. It was no surprise to me to see the caliber of talent in the projects and the films being screened in this series 2010. I was also at ease, when I heard the names Jimmy Smits, Martin Sheen, Ray Liotta, Ana de La Reguera just to name a few of the actors involved in this powerful series showcasing the work of Latino filmmakers, and independent story-telling, de la corazon from the heart.

Of course, I would première my visual experience with the famous style of Spanish filmmakers. True to my experiences with the auteur’s of my time, Almodovar, Rodruquez and now Agustin Diaz Yanes. In addition to being intense and full of twists and turns, the story takes it’s time. Unlike a lot of our traditional Hollywood models of visual creativity, “Solo Quiero Caminar” gives the audience an opportunity to get to know who we are watching, and why they are taking action in their lives without a drop in step. In addition, to never being bored, or confused, it does not hurt that the ever talented Diego Luna takes a tour-de-force performance to the next level with his humility and humor. Always enjoying Mr. Luna, and having had the favorite “Y Tu Mama Tambien” in my list for years, it was no surprise to see this film hit the series after being a successful release in 2008 in his native Madrid Spain.

Like most writer/director’s, Mr. Yanes allows his characters to push, punch and dig their way through some of the juiciest dialogue and fast-moving plot turns as I’ve seen in years. It was such a treat to get on a ride and have no idea where it was going to end up. However, I did know that I was being led by some of the sassiest, and fiery Latina’s that I’ve seen on-screen in the states. We have seen his homage to the strong women in his life in his earlier turn with Ms. Penelope Cruz (for all us Pop-Culture kids she is happily married to fellow Spaniard Mr. Javier Bardem, Felicidades!!) In “Don’t Tempt Me”, like the powerful Mr. Cruz in her role, Ms. Ariadna Gil is taking no prisoners, literally. Unlike most female protagonist roles in the american cinema, there is something powerfully vulnerable and fragile about this woman. It is hard to see, if you’re not looking, almost impossible if you are just looking at her being the head of her ‘hemanas de sange’ blood sisters. She is no-nonsense, immediate and the most multi-dimensional character I’ve seen written for the screen in years….and I see a lot of foreign films and flops.

To her partner’s in crime, KUDOS!! Victoria Abril, Pilar López de Ayala, Elena Anaya, and José María Yazpik for being the meanest villian with a beautiful delivery I’ve ever seen. In my mind the crime of the century if people don’t demand from their video store for a copy, (Blockbuster will be releasing this film as well as all the other’s in this series, yes kids at a Blockbuster near you this fall) just in time for you to get your very own copy. The trail of blood, words and tears ended, and I did not want to get up…and having invited one of my very good friends to check out the screening with me, we continued to chat well after the movie about how great it was to see a realistic action movie. My good friend JJ said “It was really amazing to see women in an action film, and being strong & vulnerable at the same time. I mean they were being over-powered but they persevered because they were on a mission.” I would say that all the action buffs, like me who jump at the chance to see the Salt’s, and Bourne’s of our time, both guys and girls alike will get a real kick out of the coolest gun I have ever seen on-screen, and I can’t say anymore, because I’ll spoil it.

I will be giving you some more juicy comments from the land of the screen where Latino’s and Latina’s are kicking butt and taking names. The world of the Maya Indie Film Series has descended upon Chicago, with Ryan Heil leading the Latino love from LIVEstyle Entertainment, the city that has the BEST pizza I’ve ever had, sorry Nueva York, but I’m real with my food now! To everyone who has offered their support and love to this series, we all appreciate it. Viva La Raza!!

Happy Planning, and See you at the next screening!

Micaela Cordoba
National Social Media Manager
Maya Indie Film Series

Maya Indie Film Series-

Just a little trailer for you all wondering what I’m so excited about!

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One Hot Summer Review!

March 15, 2010 By: Haku

Listen up folks: Great review of One Hot Summer!

I watched the movie “One Hot Summer” by Maya Entertainment yesterday, it is a comedy that touched on the real life dilemmas that everyone, especially women, can relate to. The film stars the very talented (and gorgeous) actresses Vanessa Marcil, Tessie Santiago, Jacqueline Piñol and actors Jon Seda and Casper Van Dien. It navigates through the lives of three friends: Margarita (Vanessa Marcil), Anabel (Tessie Santiago) and Viviana (Jacqueline Piñol) and the issues they face being career women, wives – and Latina.

The story takes place in Miami and revolves around the life of a successful, Cuban-American lawyer Margarita who was just promoted to partner of a well established law firm. She is happily married to Ariel (Jon Seda), who believes they are ready to start a family and begins pressuring Margarita to put her career aside in order to take their marriage to the next level. In the meantime, Margarita’s ex flame Luther (Casper Van Dien) returns to Miami and tries to win her back. (Check out the trailer below!)

Margarita’s best friends are going through issues of their own as well. Anabel is married with children and like many mothers, often lose themselves after putting their husband and children before them. Viviana, on the other hand, is a successful career woman who has found that it is more difficult being a Latina in the work place due to stereotypes and discrimination – which is why she is bleach blonde and goes by the name Vivian instead of her Latina-sounding name Viviana. She insists this is the reason she is successful, and why make it more difficult on herself when she can just try to fit in with her American counterparts?

Although this movie is a comedy that really had me laughing, it brings up serious issues that modern women everywhere can relate to. For the modern day woman, we do have to decide between a career and a family these days, it is something that I am facing myself! There are also the obstacles that Latinos (and any other “minority”) go through in the workplace. One Hot Summer also brings up love affairs and the struggles of married couples dealing with infidelity.

I really enjoyed One Hot Summer and felt that the characters in the film were very easy to relate to. There were twists in the film that I really did NOT expect! Which was a pleasant surprise because a majority of movies coming out are very predictable. Women should definitely check out this movie and will be able to relate to at least one of the friends in one way or the other. Men should check it out too – so you all can see what the heck we deal with and what you all put us through! Lol! Jokes aside, it is a very good film that was funny, relatable and full of surprises. You can get One Hot Summer on DVD.

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COMO NO TE VOY A QUERER Official Website UP!

March 05, 2010 By: Haku


YEESSssss we have heard your pleas and are finally ready to premiere our super fun time Como No Te Voy A Querer website onto the common netsurfer!  Find the trailer, some art work and more film info at:

We do it because we want to help.  All of you.

Stills after the jump… Besos!

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